Extended Service Contract Comparison Checklist

Here is a handy comparison form to use as a reference when discussing service contract details with us. Just print it up when you're ready to shop for the best extended service contract for your new Subaru!

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 Does the contract define the term "breakdown" as, "the failure of a part to work as it was designed to work in normal service?"

If it specifies "defect in materials or workmanship," it doesn't cover wear and tear.


 Does it cover cause and effect?

A repair of a non-covered part due to the failure of a covered part.


 Does it cover constant velocity joint boots?

Ask about other "exclusions" that won't be covered by the contract.


 Is rental car reimbursement available if the service department has to keep your car overnight?

Many programs require that the labor for the repair exceed eight hours to qualify for more than one day of rental coverage and allow only two days for parts delay.


 Are only genuine Subaru replacement parts used for repairs?

Some non-Subaru plans allow the use of used parts.
 Will you be charged just one deductible each repair visit?

Many programs charge a deductible for each component that needs repair, even if it is in the same repair visit.
 Are AWD, high-tech components, on-board computers, seals and gaskets included in the base price?

Many programs charge extra to cover these items.
We are happy to answer questions and provide you with a comprehensive review of your individual needs - by e-mail, telephone or in person - whatever works best for you.  So, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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