Roy Robinson Preferred Owner Card Program

Apply today for Roy's new Preferred Owner Card and and receive a $25.00 credit toward your next service and $250 credit toward your next Purchase!

       1. Receive a 4% credit toward purchase of a new car or future service for all paid parts and service purchases (except collision repair).

       2. The Preferred Owner Card may be used in conjunction with any other specials or coupons.

       3. The Preferred Owner Card is good in Auto and RV Parts & Service (not Body Shop).

       4. There are no exclusions (group, wholesale or fleet) to participation.

Terms & Conditions

    * Card earnings cannot be redeemed for cash.
    * Return items purchased with Preferred Owner earnings will not be exchanged for cash. The returned item's value will be put on the Preferred Owner    card. (No cash will be given.)
    * The Preferred Owner Card will be terminated by Roy Robinson if it has not been used after two years.
    * Roy Robinson reserves the right to change the earnings a percentage without prior notice and/or change, suspend or discontinue the Preferred Owner program at any time.
    * Employees and their families can participate in the earnings portion of the Preferred Owner Program (i.e. they do not receive base points at sign up).